Sunday, June 13, 2010

Delta Race

Jaxson had a race in Delta, this was his first race on his new bike. We were very brave and took my two nephews with us......WOW!! They had so much fun and that is all that mattered, me on the other hand was completely exhausted. They rode their bikes down the ramp on the trailer, played in a ton of dirt, and they love to watch Jaxson race.

Jaxson did good for his first race with his new bike....he struggled at first but by the second race he was ten times better. He missed a jump and went off the track and didn't end up finishing, but he had a blast, and so did we!!

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Megan Andersen said...

WOW! Yes, that would have been pretty nerve racking...but exciting at the same time!! I am impressed with that little mans' skills.