Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had such a good christmas this year, but I must say I am so glad it is over. Jaxson got everything he had asked Santa for golf clubs, spy gear ATV - 360, and a peddle bike...with pegs and much more.

This year was the first year we woke up christmas morning with no presenst to open, Trent and I that is. Jaxson was coming at noon, Trent and I had already bought ourselves a TV after thanksgiving for our christmas, it was so different. I told Trent never again we have to get each other gifts to open, but after I thought about it I realized how nice it was to have a nice relaxing morning we slept in, ate breakfast, and watched christmas movies. It was nice to have the morning to actually enjoy christmas for what it is....not just presents.

I hope all of you had a wonderful christmas and a happy new year.

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