Thursday, April 30, 2009


Saturday we went to Super Cross in Salt Lake, Jaxson could not wait to meet Chad Reed and to be honest niether could I. Even though tt rained all day, we froze to death, and Chad didn't win:(
we still had a great time.

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This Easter we went camping and I went and saw WICKED at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake. It was the BEST!!!! I loved every minute of it. I left my camara at camp so I didn't get any pictures, but I will never forget it. My mom and I went shopping, ate at a nice restaurant and stayed in a fabulous hotel. It truely was an exprience I will never forget.
The rest of the holiday was spent camping with great friends the kids had so much fun and even though the weather was not the best we made the best of it.

Jaxson loves to ride he is never far from his motorbike!!!

Look at him pose for the camara!! He has become
the best rider we are so proud of him.

Posted by PicasaPlaying in the fire
Jaxson raced his dad and WON, he was so proud
of himself. Uncle Shay decided he need to race him
you can see Jaxson is not far behind.
Now look who is winning!!!
Jaxson, Hunter and Roxy playing night games.
So Exhausted. This is what a day of riding and
playing hard does!!!!